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The North East is often overlooked in the history of HIV/AIDS in the UK, but there was ground-breaking work carried out in the region, in particular through the MESMAC project.  The project is still operating in Newcastle, but with a brief that is wider than just working with men who have sex with men.  More can be found out about the national MESMAC projects in the archives of Keele University.

The Podcast

This podcast explores how in the 1980s and 1990s working around HIV/AIDS was often challenging.  In social work, medicine and community work, staff experienced discrimination and saw how people living with HIV/AIDS had to tackle stigma, as well as living with this new and unknown virus.

The Full Recordings

Dr Paula Mulvenna worked at the pioneering specialist HIV/AIDS hospice the Mildmay, she then brought her skills and knowledge to Newcastle.

Nicola Sugden was one of the first people to be appointed as a specialist social worker for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Patrick Price interviewed  by Richard Bliss

David Miller and Simon Bartlett interviewd by Bri Kiragu and moderated by Richard Bliss

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